Cambodia, “Kingdom Of Wonder."  

This nation of nearly 14 million people has endured thirty years of conflict, including the genocide of 2 million Cambodians, a ten-year occupation by the Vietnamese, and a 13 year civil war, stability finally came to this country in 1999 and it is now Governed by a constitutional monarchy. That same year, Young Life's international director, Bob Reeverts, responded to Ko Gym Lam’s (Asia Dir. of Scripture Union) interest in starting YL.  Pyneath Sor was hired as Area Director and began recruiting volunteers and started a computer class at a High  School in the Capital city of Phnom Penh.  Today 580 kids learn computer skills in 5 classrooms and the number of class rooms in the local schools continues to grow.  There are also 7 community centers, 5 in Phnom Penh and 2 in Battombong. Kids can participate in English language training, tutoring, guitar lessons, plus YL club & bible studies. There are 9 fulltime Staff, 113 Volunteer Leaders and last year almost 1,900 kids who are being impacted by Young Life. This is an outstanding Asia ministry and is producing a large pipeline of future leadership for ministry and the country in which 95% of the population consider themselves to be Buddhist.  




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